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Product Sourcing

FOTO88 uses our own sourcing information system called NAVIGATE. The system is able to accurately capture various quotations from the most reliable and trusted suppliers around the globe. It also have more than 1500 suppliers in its database to ensure that only the most competitive factory is selected to do the job for us. Almost anything you are searching for will be found through our sourcing system. Our dedicated sourcing team with take care of all the nitty gritty details so you can rest assured your order is always in good hands.

OEM Manufacturing

If your ideal gift doesn’t already exist in the world yet, do not fret. Make an appointment with our OEM Specialist for a free non-obligatory discussion on your specifications! We will evaluate the feasibility of the idea and provide valuable suggestions on the specifications, areas to take note of and choice of suitable materials. Our highly experienced specialist will also provide on the spot estimated costings to see if it fits within your budget. If it doesnt, we will propose alternatives to cater to your needs. Its our mission to ensure all your needs are met in the best way possible.

Silkscreen Printing

Screen Printing is the process of using solid pantone colors and a stencil to transfer your logo onto your selected gift. A stencil is made up of polyester and is covered by the inverse of your logo so ink can only be printed as per your logo. Screen printing is generally the most economical option. Our printing is fast, accurate and precise. With our own in-house printing facility, we are able to turnaround as fast as the next day.

The best products to use with silkscreenscreen printing: Tote bags, water bottles, plastic pens…

Digital Printing

Digital Printing makes use of physical printers instead of stencils and allows you to print over the entire surface. It caters for images and logos with gradations. Digital printing is also referred to as full-color printing, CMYK,or 4-color process printing. Best products to use with digital printing: Mouse pads, magnets, L Shaped Folders and Notepads.

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer uses intense heat to press the ink onto the desired material, making sure that your logo is firmly in place. Heat transfer is a good option if you want to create a logo with multiple colors or gradations. You will be able to “feel” the transfer sticker as compared to digital print.

Best products to use with heat transfer: Tote bags, T-Shirts and Plush Toys


Embroidery is the process of sewing your logo on your desired product. With hundreds of threads to choose from, we will definitely be able to match your Pantone Color accurately. We have our own in-house embroidery facility to ensure you get your goods within two days. We will also QC every piece of embroidery to ensure there are no loose threads etc… Any cloth product or corporate apparel, looks great with accurate and vibrant stitching. In the embroidery process, your logo is changed to a digital image and assigned color threads. Your garments or blankets are placed in the embroidery machine, the needles go to work, and then excess threads are cut off.

Best products to use with embroidery: T-shirts, blankets, caps, haversack bags and towels.


For metal finishing you can be sure that our laser engraving machine will be able to do a perfect finish. Laser Engraving is the process of creating sharp, carved logos that are unable to be peeled off. Without using ink or tool bits, the process is simple, clean, and easy. Logos are programmed into the engraving software and then executed onto your desired gift. Best products to use with laser engraving: Metal pens, glass awards, and USB Flash Drives.

Deboss / Emboss

Debossing/Embossing. Debossing and embossing give your logo a 3-dimensional element. For both processes, dies are constructed from metal in the shape of your logo. The product is then placed between them and heat and pressure push and form the material into the impression you want. Embossing rises from the product, while debossing pushes into the product. For an additional cost, you can also add color to the logo.

Best products to use with debossing/embossing: Leather portfolios, vinyl pouches, custom chocolates, and backpacks with leather or vinyl patches.

Cloth Labels

When you want to customise a product with your logo but yet do not want it “in the face”, you can opt for a small cloth label on the side of the product. This is using a process of weaving your logo on a little piece of cloth and sewn on a discreet area. It exudes class and elegance. Suitable products for this application will be Plush Toys, all types of Bags and Polo T-Shirts.

Customised Box Packaging

When giving a corporate gift, packaging is what creates the most impact when the client receives it. It is an undeniable fact that packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the marketing goals of giving the gift are met. At FOTO88 we create REMARKABLE gift packagings to ensure you get the “WOW” impact you are looking for. Be it customised paper boxes, leather boxes or funky plastic tubes, we do them all!

Storage Facility

Afraid to commit a large quantity due to space issue? Not to worry, special arrangements can be made to store your goods with use for a nominal fee. We have a 3000sqft warehouse reserved for customers with such requests.

Make your next tradeshow, special event or product launch a success with our creative ideas, products and services!

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